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Social Media Monitoringresearch report by media planning and buying agencyExactDrive Inc.

Online advertising will involve several different types of marketing some of which are deployed ethically and some are certainly not. These types can range via contextually targeted text ads next to search engine results graphical banner ads rich mass media ads interstitial ads and lots of others. All together online advertising generates billions of us dollars every year. With approximately 300 blog says and 400Twittermentions per day internet marketing is definitely a topic a lot of people are thinking about.
Naturally each time companies are wasting billions of dollars about something they produce certain expectations. Selling ads online is no different and firms expect to spend money on results and not to spend income advertising for one thing and also receiving another such as advertising on websites they will didnt ask for spending money on impressions and keys to press that didnt truly happen and marketing next to website written content that can be harmful to their brands reputation.
Type in three companies looking to battle these issues and provides a peace-of-mind both towards the advertisers and the marketing buying companies outside in the field filling advertising campaign orders trying to make the actual campaigns work best with regards to clients. AdXposeDoubleVerifyandAdSafe Mediaare the three organizations in question each giving a different explanation and also methodology about how they can be fighting against the issues involving managing brand basic safety maintaining website affirmation and preventing advertisements from displaying on unwanted websites and then suddenly to unwanted website content.
Using oursocial media monitoringand analysis tools we now have discovered that despite web marketing being a severalbillion dollar industrywith powerful growth potential along with despite nearly every marketer you speak with keeping the same expectations and concerns the very businesses with the potential remedies are not out promoting themselves on the Internet. The actual medium they are working so hard to protect and make a better place for online advertisers.
After announcing the newad blocking featurein February AdXpose received their largest joblessness of blog as well as Twitter based gossip spiking to seven website mentions and just about 30 Twitter describes. Such stats might not sound like a lot and they also arent but its a start and nearly double the amount of most buzz that either of their two competitors have obtained to date.
From the image below you can see that DoubleVerify has received the most consistent number of blog and Twitting mentions over the past 6 months. They have done a fantastic job at creating at least a little buzz nearly everyday using highest amount of talk and most consistent describes coming after they reported in late December 09 their own ad hindering feature calledBrandShield. It appears that both equally AdXpose and especially AdSafe Media are mentioned on sites and on Twitter significantly less consistently.
AdSafe Media whom completed a2.5 millionround connected with funding in 2009 appears to have the minimum amount of blog in addition to Twitter mentions out of the three above organizations. The most blog says they received appears to be around the end involving January which would have align of them delivering theirfourth quarter analysisof the online display advertising industry. Still that will release appears to only have generated them 2 blog mentions. AdSafe Medias describes on Twitter are common most non-existent.
The above results obviously dont take into account all of the personal messages or calls and face-to-face meetings these companies are having in addition to scheduling everyday. We just wanted to share a couple of facts about how often folks are mentioning them with blogs and on Tweets. It will be interesting to look at for new future notices and feature releases from each of them.
Disclosure-ExactDrive has had an extensive and positive romantic relationship AdXpose but that for no reason influenced our report on how often they were mentioned in blogs or talked about on Myspace as a whole.

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