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by Bob Diamond
I finished high school in Marked Tree Arkansas in 1963.
I remember going back for a visit in late 1965. I was going to Memphis State University and dwelling with my sister in Memphis.
Ladies drag racing and sizzling vehicles may perhaps not mean a point to several of you. The specifics and figures may perhaps be boring however they can even now thrill just about any fifty-plus gearhead who is nonetheless above ground.
Ive a person niece -Becky- who is an avid NASCAR enthusiast. She utilized to individual a fairly very hot early 80s Camaro. Shell possibly be carrying the torch for your women.
I practically forgot my niece Brenda. She had a pumpkin-colored early design Firebird. She had tail lights that she could flip off having a swap around the dashboard. Are you able to consider of a stressful scenario when you wouldnt want somebody following you to be able to inform that you simply are turning from the principle road at nighttime -. -The Wolf Was A 1955 Chevy
My brother-in-law had a 1955 Chevy sedan that looked stock for the outside nonetheless it had a fresh 327 Chevy brief block with 350 horsepower. It had a big four-barrel carburetor in addition to a set of custom exhaust headers. It was running a four-eleven rear finish. It had been what we described as a -sleeper.-
The Sheeps Outfits
The sole thing that hinted of nearly anything unusual was the sound of your exhaust which sounded throaty and effective although not raucous in addition to the -Fiesta- hubcaps. They ended up big and flashy. They have been thought to be to become cool at the time. In addition it had a brand-new pristine stock two-tone blue paint career.
It absolutely was almost certainly a Saturday night. I was sitting all around with my sister. My brother-in-law was working. He labored 12-hour night shifts with the morning newspaper the Business Appeal in Memphis.
I asked her if I could borrow Johns car to operate through to Marked Tree to determine some friends. She explained it had been Okay just to be cautious for the reason that he cherished his car or truck. The way I drove back then it only took about an hour.
The Research
I showed up in Marked Tree just ahead of darkish. I stopped by a barbecue area in which I employed to get the job done referred to as the -Cow Bar-. I ran into an outdated companion James Brown. Like just about anyone else about there he worked for E. Ritter Co. in some capacity.
Sizing it Up
James seemed to know that the auto was something special. He asked to look under the hood. We pulled across the street to an auto parts store. I imagine it had been Harts. I popped the hood and he noticed the 327 Valve Covers the Dual Mag-Spark Ignition and also the custom made exhuast headers. He grinned like only James could and asked me if I wanted to have a little fun. I knew better but I claimed -yes- anyway.
A couple of young men noticed us across from the Cow Bar with the hood raised. They drove across the street. I got the hood closed prior to they got out of their car. I think that it had been a new 6-cylinder 1965 Mustang. James told them that it had been pretty fast for your 55 Chevy. He asked them if they knew anyone who would like to go down to the Indian Mounds for the couple of runs.
Off to the Races
Thats all it took. We followed the Mustang down to the Indian Mounds just outside of town. We picked up four or five more cars in the way. Somehow these things get out.
A couple of people sat on each from the mounds to look for traffic and for cops. When it had been clear a person would signal the Okay and we would operate a quarter-mile drag race. I dont remember who all we raced that evening but we kept beating almost everyone who showed up.
Word got out including a 409 Chevy including a 406 Ford came to challenge Johns little 55. Long story brief it wasnt even close. The 406 Ford even wanted a second chance using a operating start because it absolutely was to his advantage. We beat him that way too.
After the racing was about we went back to town had a barbecue and shake and headed back again to Memphis about 1 AM.
I filled the automobile with gas and cleaned it up as well as I could. I slept well.
Facing the Music
Sunday early morning John came in the bedroom woke me up and questioned me exactly where I had been in his automotive. I admitted that I had gone to Marked Tree. He stated -You raced it didnt you- I questioned how he knew. He says — It had been down two quarts of oil thats how I knew… Nobody beat you did they- John was a little mad at me but he was proud of his little 55 Chevy.
That was the last time. Shortly after that I bought a very awesome white-over-green 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 two-door hardtop by having a V-8.
I apologize to my young close friends who cant experience this without winding up in jail today. We never ever had an accident or hurt anyone – ourselves or anyone else. There are several drag strips available including the new a single likely up in Concord North Carolina just across from the Lowes Motor Speedway. Click here zMAX Dragway
The Sequel
My current -sleeper- is a 96 Firebird Formula with the LT-1 Corvette engine. It has a six-speed manual transmission z-rated tires that are 255 mm wide a modified racing suspension together with a competition differential rear end.
Do you think I should bring it again to Marked Tree I wonder if I can locate James Brown Im sure hes however a good co-pilot.
John Price you had been there What have you replaced your 1962 Chevy V-8 with
I had to add these links. Make sure your speakers are turned on and then click about the links below. Cars and trucks We Drove in the Fifties and Sixties American Muscle Automobile Sounds Drag Racing Wheel Stand
If the videos above arent fun youre not breathing They have cool pictures great sounds and stirring music its all about the automobiles that we love.
I couldnt resist including the pictures of a few of the hotter cars I have owned since then.
Click over the link below for an article about my favorite sports motor vehicle a 1961 Triumph TR-3 Free memphis chat numbers Enjoyment in digital edge has long been transformed wholly. In these modern times people today have a lot of alternatives of entertaining themselves. In particular grownup enjoyment possibilities have enhanced with introduction of web-based. Persons can now fulfill their grownup entertainment needs by numerous special and pleasurable tactics.
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